Monday, October 21, 2013

i unintentionally lied to you, ha! :/

apologies if yesterday's announcement re: xl stencils not happening upset anyone. i reevaluated last night and decided, foot be damned, i'm bored by all this sitting and doing nothing. so you're getting xl stencils. "hausu" xl stencils. (rent that, thank me later.)

and these scraps

made me think i'm going to redo all 12 of the lanterns as well in geometric patterns. why? 'cause tickets to london are gonna' be, like, $300 in july  (with taxes and amenities) and raks (me) needs the page hits that lead to sales on red bubble, hint hint.

these scraps just reminded me of wales millennium centre only, you know, inside the building. and more sweary.

check back this week for more halloween decoration updates. i've got, what, 9 days to knock this shit out? easy peasy, squeeze the lemon. or not. we'll see, yeah?

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