Thursday, April 02, 2015

cats and rabbits

the city poured the sidewalk today. hooray hooray!! they are still smoothing it but, damn, it looks nice and, best of all, is now ada compliant!

these two guys (not ours. they just like to leave us presents (birds, squirrels) on occasion and have cat summits with clouseau and peel.) kept giving the construction guys the side eye though. 

naturally, in the middle of the concrete pouring, we had a package delivery. hahah aaaaah. :/  (when you don't drive, you tend to use a lot of delivery.) ANYWAY we got our pepper grinder replacement and it is BUNNY SHAPED

i don't know what the best part of it is, the fact that you have to take off its tail and put peppercorns in its butt to refill or that you squeeze its ears together to grind. either way, i can operate this even during an arthritis flare and it's adorable. hooray! hooray!!

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