Saturday, April 25, 2015

naval museum's tattoo exhibit!

leff and i dropped by the puget sound naval museum today. we've been there before. it's a great little place. but they hadn't had a tattoo exhibit...until now.

i am absolutely telling you that if you're in the puget sound region, you should see this. there's artwork of wwii and spanish american war tattoos.

and a portable tattoo parlor.

and, this is the bit that you're going to want to take the ferry for, A VIRTUAL TATTOO PARLOR


i got a dragon,

a naval star,

a panther (which i actually almost got in real life a billion years ago. haha hahaaaaaa),

and a swallow!

leff got an anchor,

a chicken and pig XD XD,

a ship,

a name and place scrawl

and a heart.

and i got a pinup girl. (which haaaaaaaaaa is ALSO another tattoo i almost got a billion years ago.)

oh! and a temp tattoo for later!

honestly, you cannot go wrong with this exhibit! it is SUPER FUN and it's free! i cannot wait to drag everyone i know to it!

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