Tuesday, June 02, 2015

tokyo 2015-- day 7

at our last hotel breakfast, melancholy piano music was playing. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME CRY INTO MY TOFU TOKYO WHYYYY

you will not be surprised to learn that the tofu in japan is amazing. also, the soymilk is so fresh that it tastes light green. i miss it dearly and, ha, am probably going to attempt to make my own now that i know how bland the prepacked stuff is. (wish me luck? ha, maybe i will just try to find some fresh stuff at uwajimaya instead.)

we spent the last hours walking around the neighborhood. i am serious about the light in japan. it is *incredible*!! i miss it more than the fresh soymilk!

i adore this large clover. if it were possible to bring back plant material, i would have pressed one of these into my tokyo notebook. alas, a photo will have to suffice.

too soon we had to head to tokyo station. impressive, isn't it?! this is only one tiny corner. IT IS HUGE

we had hoped to stop by ramen and character streets but we had already entered the ticketed area before we realized we'd missed our chance. :( (the jreast rep thought we could exit and reenter but wasn't sure. we thought it best not to risk it. sigh...next time.)

but all was not lost! i quickly found an anko filled rilakkuma to lift my spirits.

and leff spotted the store where you buy ekiben for the train! (i think he got one with shrimp or crab? it looked very tasty!)

but it was still sad waiting on the n'ex to arrive.

how long will it be before we hear the sounds of japanese trains again? (hopefully, not too long. i miss tokyo like crazy.)

once we arrived at narita, we had some shopping to do. see, leff had taken out too much yen from the atm and, instead of exchanging it at one of the booths, we decided to go on a shopping spree! a shopping sprenzy, if you would.

i wish that we had not been so full from breakfast because all of the food at the airport looked great! it also would have been a nice way to spend yen. haha

i mean, eventually i had some baumkuchen because i have been obsessed with these cakes since we went to prague and saw trdelník.

and a matcha latte

and leff had a curry but that was it. all other remaining yen went to buying, let's see...some GORGEOUS hankachi for leff, a mini jiji for peel, two more kinds of kit kats, some tokyo banana, an office lady gachapon, idk. i'll post pictures of the tat later. just know that it was CRAZY STRESSFUL to spend all that yen in a short period of time. i mean, we ALSO had to clear off our suica cards!

leff used my remaining suica funds to get us our last cc lemon of the trip. awwww. :(

all too soon it was time to board our plane.

ana is a superb airline! the flight attendants are very caring as, hahaha, i found out when i my foot swelled to maybe four times its normal size D: D: I COULD NOT WEAR MY UNLACED CONVERSE D: D: i had to ask for an ice pack and lots of extra water and then flex and stretch my stupid foot for about two hours. so, not the most comfortable flight back but, you know, all of the flight staff was very considerate and helpful so it was the best that that situation could be.

i DID get to watch "midnight diner" though. and all the meals were extra good, esp for plane food.

sigh....so, that's it, really. that's the trip to tokyo. i miss it more and more each day. those of you who have been reading my travel updates for a while know how homesick i get for places (specifically london, berlin, prague,) but WOW i was not prepared for how much leaving tokyo was going to hurt.

hey, it just means that i'll do almost anything that i can to get back! and maybe NEXT time, i'll actually eat some sushi. XD

i should have a few more updates about japanese candy and sweets that we brought back with us. also maybe another dealing with souvenirs. check back tomorrow? the next day? definitely by the end of the week!


Wastedpapiers said...

Enjoyed reading about your Japan trip and looking at all your nice photos and vids. Glad you had a good time!

r4kk4 said...

thanks, michael!! :D i can't wait to go back! :D