Thursday, June 04, 2015

kitto kattos!!

i have a deep and abiding love of japanese kit kats. (this goes waaay back as this photo from 2005 will attest! (ok, those are from guam (and the amazing chotda!) but guam is still pacific island, yeah? and all the good flavors come from pacific islands.)

i'll admit that i went a little kitto katto nutzo while in tokyo. i'm not ashamed. i'm just concerned about how i'm going to make these last until i can get back to japan!

anyway, first up in the kit kat parade is a small bag of matcha and adzuki bean flavor! i LOVE these but leff was not exactly a fan. 

no problem, it was a small bag which means that i got to eat them all myself! :D they kinda' look like weird peas, don't they?

the sakura matcha kit kats, however, we had to split evenly. oh my god, these are WONDERFUL with a very light cherry flavor that nicely balances out the matcha.

i also love the packaging but i am a big fan of pink/green combo.

the sakura matcha flavor went faaaaaast. and, if i'm honest, so did the raspberry variety. this is actually the second box of raspberry that we bought on our trip! 

the minute that the tiny packet is opened, there is a lovely raspberry smell. the taste is nothing to scoff at either as it is so like the real fruit that you could almost trick yourself into thinking these are healthy.

another AMAZING version is the chili powder kit kat. these might be my absolute favorite of the entire bunch due to the wonderful dark chocolate and very slight burn of chili that really hits at the end.

this was one of the larger packages and i lovelovelove the packaging! and, fun fact! these are regional and specific to shinshu/shinano province/nagano prefecture!

wasabi kit kats are from the shinzuoka and kanto area (regional! :D) but they aren't as spicy as i would have thought they would be. they are still lovely with a great horseradishy ending and smooooooth as smooooth can be.

i dunno'! i might actually describe them as tasting "smokey light green" which is weird i suppose.

leff's favorite, hands down, is the tokyo rum raisin. it's odd because 1) he doesn't like rum 2) he's not really into very sweet things but he has been eating these like crazy!

i do not know how the kit kat chocolatiers were able to make chocolate taste like sweet alcoholic raisins but THEY DID. the smell is also intoxicating. (not really, they just smell nice, vaguely rummy and fruity.)

and now we make it to the bags of kit kats! i won't dwell too much on matcha kit kats as everyone who goes to japan brings back a bag or two or fifty of these. they are still wonderful, still grassy, still one of my standbys.

it's an oldie but goodie, amirite? (iamsorite)

but THESE. HOLY HELL KIT KATS MANUFACTURED TO BE BAKED IN YOUR TOASTER OVEN!!! i've read that these are the second version to be produced! (the first flavor was custard pudding which was released last year.) THESE THESE ARE CHEESECAKE

here are directions on the back.

and the adorable plaid wrappers!

we don't have a toaster oven so we placed them under the broiler. would it work?

why YES! IT WORKED!! just look at how bubbly they got after a few mintues! :D


i remain in awe of the kit kat flavor magicians. THEY CAN DO NO WRONG WHEN CAN WE GO BACK TO GET MORE FLAVORS god i miss tokyo....

(need more kit kat flavors? here are two more!)

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