Tuesday, December 15, 2015

beni imo and amaou strawberry kit kats!

just in time for the holidays, we got two kit kat flavors from kyushu for you-shu. and, holy hells, they are both delicious!

let's start with the beni imo kit kats!

beni imo is a sweet potato from okinawa and south kyushu. the potato itself is purported to have excellent beta carotene content. they're also supposed to have more antioxidants than blueberries. that is a freakin' healthy sweet potato! i'm not sure if the health benefits extend to the kit kats but, hey, we had five of them in our box!

the kit kat was coated with a lavender colored white chocolate.

i didn't really pick up on any sweet potato taste (maybe i was expecting more of a north american powerhouse yam type thing) but this had a nice flavor and was very mild. very enjoyable!

our second kyushu kit kat was amaou strawberry! the word "amaou" itself is trademarked and is an acronym of the japanese words for "red" (akai), "round" (marui), "big" (oki)  and "tasty" (umai). and while the kit kats themselves weren't round or big, they were CERTAINLY red(ish) and tasty!

once again there were five in the package.

upon opening, there was an amazing strawberry scent. promising! did it deliver? OF COURSE!

amaou strawberry kit kats taste exactly like what you think of when you think of strawberries. SO GOOD! it almost reminded me of strawberry qwik in the best way possible. this was my favorite kit kat of the two.

need more japanese kit kats? here are eight more flavors. (oh, i know. i know. XD)

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