Thursday, December 03, 2015

hokkaido style fried rice

"himitsu no kenmin show" is currently streaming nonstop at casa rakkaleff.  we watch not only for entertainment but also for recipe ideas. for example, leff saw bonito onigiri  in one episode and decided to make some for himself. (he said they were incredible.)

the dish that *really* piqued our interest, however, was hokkaido fried rice.

hokkaido is known for its agricultural products. corn is, apparently, one of the big huge deals there. so since we are in love with all things hokkaido (even if we only managed to go to an antenna store) and enjoy corn, leff and i decided we had to try this dish.

this is not hokkaido corn. it is grocery store brand frozen corn.

it's ok though, it still worked when we made CORN INFUSED BUTTER!!!

yes, you read that right. this butter is how everything tastes EVEN MORE LIKE CORN in this dish. because you strain out the butter

and then use it to make fried rice. 

i mean, it smells fantastic and is so yellow! but the corn flavor doesn't stop with just infused butter. no. hell no. after you plate your fried rice

you then proceed to cover it with corn! 

like, REALLY cover it with corn!!!

oh my god, this is so delicious! please give it a try the next time you really want some corn! you won't be disappointed. XD

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