Friday, December 11, 2015

package season!

it is package season! here are a few of the things that have arrived at the casa in the past week.

a komari plush that i got for myself because bwahahahaha it makes me laugh every time i look at it. ("non non biyori" fans are laughing along with me. XD)

this tiny louise the owl was from padre and my step mom! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

this picture illustrates two things:  1) my insane hoarding of face masks 2) the 10 pack of royal jelly face masks that the fam sent along!! YAAAAY!!

seriously, laugh all you want but my face is fucking luminous. my face glows with the light of the mooooooon.  bwahahahahhahahahahahahaha

okokok, so! fans of dagashi posts will be THRILLED to learn that my family sent leff this HUGE PACK OF JAPANESE AWESOMENESS!! SO MUCH STUFF WE HAVEN'T TRIED YET!!!

that will have a write up soon. also, yeah, i'll get around to talking about face masks at some point. (i promised to talk about the pure smile snail mask  that i got earlier this summer. i haven't forgotten and will do a compare/contrast with this new kind. also, i'll talk about the cobra venom one too. SERIOUSLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT ONE NOT KIDDING!)

ok! i'm gonna go point and scream at everything that came in the mail today. what can i say? i freakin' love presents!

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