Thursday, December 31, 2015

knock off japan dogs and presents from jens

yes, hi. that post that some of you saw in your feedreader yesterday was a draft that was published by accident. i'll finish it up sometime in jan. look forward to it or not. 

it has been a busy time of housekeeping (both literal and well, used as a term for getting non domicle shit in order (which includes closing out a business. I KNOW but it is SO GOOD!), ha) around here, so not a lot has been happening. i'm sure you're not surprised as nothing of interest to readers has happened since tokyo. 

except food. i write entirely too much about food these days because it's a bleak and boring landscape in washington state. this is *FINGERS FUCKING CROSSED* about to change SO SOON that it's frightening. wish us luck/i'll keep you posted as needed.

until then, however, yeah, more food. tuesday, leff and i swiped a gourmet dog japon recipe (kabuki dog on the left (cabbage, pickled ginger, bonito flakes, kewpie mayo)) and also wrapped hot dogs in kobe beef + added roasted nori and green onion.  this was probably the greatest idea i've had in a while.

BUT OH LOOK something not food related as jens sent us an ADORABLE package that included that cute postcard BUT ALSO a 2016 calendar that has a metric shit ton of german web artists! THANK YOU JENS!!!!

the calendar is even signed by sarah burrini of "das lieben ist kein ponyhof" ("life ain't no ponyfarm" if you want english.) SO COOL!

it also prompted these tweets. no regrets.

anyway, here's the first week from said awesome calendar. see what i mean?! :D

so, hey. our rice cooker looks possessed. maybe i should do something about that.

see you in 2016!

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