Tuesday, June 09, 2015

tokyo souvenirs

as promised, here is the post of our non edible tat that we bought in tokyo (excluding leff's headphones and gorgeous hankachi. (if you want to see edible things, please see either "tokyo fruits" or kit kats posts.)) i know you're thrilled. w/e, *i* am because i get to look at this stuff all the time!

first up, our ghibli horde.  three jiji items. THREE!! I KNOW but i LOVE jiji ESP THE MUG

the tiny jiji is technically for peel but the thought of her ripping it to shreds with her one tooth makes me sad so i have reclaimed it.

and now you'll see it's totoro to to ro. kawaiikute! we could not leaf him in tokyo!

here are our gachapon! i got a koppu no fuchiko at nartia! this is the EXACT one that i wanted out of the machine too!

leff's ojipan from the shibuya kiddy land!

and my sad little anime girl in a green cup that i bought in fucking akihabara. (ugh, akihabara.) still, she is kawaii and resides on my bag now.

(i can't find the paper that identifies her. apologies. i'll try to remember to update when/if i locate it.)

want to see our sampuru from kappabashi-dori? ok! first up is leff's chicken wing!

and my takoyaki ball! (i keep wanting to eat this. haaaaa :/)

by far the most ridiculous things we bought were at tokyo tower. i mean, at least leff was practical. he's said that this coaster is perfect for hot bev.

but i mean, this is just ridiculous and I LOVE IT TO BITS my 500 yen plastic tokyo tower. sometimes i imagine that i can see a tiny plastic version of myself on the observation deck. (that was a lie. i just like putting plastic monsters next to it.)

right, so that's absolutely all of tokyo. i'm gonna try to not be depressed about it. (i am already failing. :/)

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