Tuesday, October 11, 2016

managed to get out of the neighborhood this week!

while i'm still pretty exhausted from this year, this illness, this election (sigh), my strength is slowly coming back. i'm taking short trips to the beach

and eating retro chinese food

with a cool dude.

the day the cubs v sanfran series started, leff and i went to wrigleyville to get him a post season hat.

we also went to duncan

cause they've currently got w donuts. eat the win, taste the win! well, i mean, if they don't have another five hour/13 inning game like last night. D:

 everyone from construction crews

to private citizens are #flyingthew.

and while it's pretty sedate in my neighborhood, you can feel the energy building. everyone's got an opinion on how good the cubbies are this year.

anyway, after having my bag swapped for explosive residue at the addison l stop (dude, whatever. at least cpd is trying to be proactive in that regard.), we went to target.

SHARK ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!

i got the cats some new pumpkin catnip toys.

 but, really, i'm just so excited to be near a fully stocked target again. SO much halloween shit!!

i also got myself some new lights. heh.

the next day

we went to a library sale at the armory. yay! i love library sales AND i've been wanting an excuse to see the inside of this place.

they had a bunch of cute halloween decorations as well as books

and i got to vent with some nice ladies who'd admired my hillz swag about the orange menace. very cathartic.

after books, it was time to taste some japanese whisky! AWWW YEAH!!!

we ended up taking home a bottle but leff really wanted five.


in the afternoon, spooky treats were eaten

and the new books were incorporated into the library. how could i pass up these two time life cookbooks? how??

let it not be said that irony is dead because on the day of pussygate, my ballot arrived.

how hard did i vote party line? SO HARD did i vote party line.

k, gotta do some catch up on some chores and get ready to watch the cubs game tonight.

please, cubbies. just one before i die? TRY NOT TO SUCK OK

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