Monday, October 17, 2016

some small things + open house chicago 2016

be warned:  this is a post with many photos

and two rabbits.

this past week, we found the mariano's which is ridiculous because both leff and i had seen it before and just...forgot about it? whatever, it's a good store, bront. they have some british stuff.

at aldi i found some seasonal popcorn that is actually very good. if you like fall flavors and are near an aldi, i'd suggest grabbing some of this.

you can't tell  by this next picture, but it's officially fall.

ah, that's better.

the ivy's starting to change

but the temps are still in the 70s. hey, i'm not complaining. i will *also* not complain if the cubs manage to win again on tuesday. (yikes about last night but HOLY COW about the last sanfran and the miggy games OMG)

people in our neighborhood decorate for halloween. i love this. after The Lost Decade (lol) it's nice to see things like this again.

k, palate cleanser photo and then we'll move on to...


if you live in a large city, you know about open house. if you don't, there's typically a day or weekend once a year where REALLY COOL buildings open their doors to the public. sometimes there are tours, sometimes it's open ended. either way IT IS SO GREAT

leff and missed the first day since he sprained his ankle pretty badly and we're both dealing with a lingering cough (which might be new since he went to sanfran for a while last week (unrelated to the cubs (altho he was in town when they clinched nlds lol))). i ventured out on the second day by myself.

i stayed in the neighborhood and could only manage two buildings BUT WHAT A COUPLE OF BUILDINGS THEY WERE first up-- colvin house!

it's in a bit of disrepair since it was privately owned for a long time by a lady who became a hermit. but WOW! the guide mentioned that the interior had been redone during the 30's and reflects the movie theater aesthetic of that time.

the house has original gruvie tile on at least two of the fireplaces and aaaaaaaaaaaaall over this upstairs bathroom!

the second house i saw was the gunder house. the interior was soooooo lovely.

added bonus:  it was full of art! hover for artist names (sorry, i missed a few. i'll try to rectify that.)


and this...this is what we do in the shadows.

yeah, i would REALLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND open house weekend in chicago. there *are* lines at popular sites (colvin house had a 20 min wait since this was the first and last time it was going to be on the tour) but it's worth it for a peek at what is normally a private place.

*this* week...uh, idk. maybe another cemetery? some cubs games on tv for sure. i'll also be walking up and down stairs and taking short walks because DAMN IT i have GOT to get my strength back. winter is coming (and i am kinda freaked out about it.)

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