Saturday, October 15, 2016

candy from the dagashiya

as promised, here are some of the sweets that leff and i bought at aji ichiban. pictured in the order that they were eaten.

1) orange gummies-- mild orange flavor. it was difficult to unwrap these. 

2) a lovely matcha biscuit with both the milky girl and kitty chan standing in front of mt fuji. so soft, so fresh. delicious.

3) white rabbit candy. i *love* white rabbit and am glad that it's available again after that melamine scare. still the same creamy candy. yum!

4) a so soft as to not even be chewy mandarin (?) gummy. it might have been grapefruit? either way, it was fun to eat.

5) japanese oreos are the ONLY kind of oreos that i like. it doesn't matter if they are the soft or crunchy kind, they are all delicious.

leff and i split a box of dark chocolate orange crunchy oreo sticks. it was one of the best decisions we've ever made. they were intensely orange flavored. leff quote:  "like jaffa cakes if jaffa cakes were good!" XD

6) cocosea was surprisingly good! i normally detest all things coconut flavored but this was mild enough to not make me want to spit it out. very chewy.

7) milky candy. MILKY CANDY so milky, so nice, tasted like condensed milk. lovely, lovely condensed milk without the weird metal tang aftertaste from the can. a++ would eat FOREVER

8) this is the hard candy version of the delicious lemon drink that i had in kapabashi dori last year. IT MATCHED MY DRESS it matched my dress (weeps happily) the hard candy is just as tasty as the original drink. looooooooove.

9) citrus citrus is another hard candy version of a lemon drink that i drank in toyko. (i pretty much *only* drank citrus drinks from vending machines when we were out in the heat.) this candy was exactly like the drink, so, yes, good. v lemon. v tasty.

10) both of these soft chewy calpis candies were milky and tasted like the corresponding calpis drinks. YAY!!! SO GOOD also nice that they say "calpis" and not "calpico".

11) two flavors of hard candy here! i love the packaging of these. sadly, i am not a fan of the middle candy as it was just...sugar flavored. meh BUT the red and blue packages contain SAKURA FLAVORED CANDIES and they were SO GOOD very salty with a nice cherry aftertaste. YES PLEASE MORE SAKURA CANDIES

12) and lastly, MINT KIT KAT you know without my telling you that this was great. (and if you are a longtime reader, you are PAINFULLY AWARE of my *thing* for japanese kit kats, hoo boy, are you ever. ha)

the mint version was very light with the chocolate nicely complimenting just the right amount of mint. neither flavor was overpowering. perfect.

leff and i also split a sweet potato kit kat  which we found to be nicer in flavor than the baked cheesecake kit kats but there is no picture because it was consumed during THE HUNGER that accompanied one of my many stupid illnesses this past little bit. soz but not. it was delicious.

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