Monday, October 31, 2016

meet our friend hogan

today we had a halloween treat! we met our friend hogan! hogan is two feet long! (that is something else in metric.)

we took hogan for a walk in the park! he was tired because we met a lot of people on the way to our apartment so he rested on a bench.

who did we meet? a pumpkin face!

a fox face!

a clown face!

a water face!

and no face!

we also met a nice man who thought our taking a two foot sub for a walk in the park was funny (we all laughed when i told him hogan was our friend.) and another nice man on a bike who told us to have a nice day (but i think that was really down to the cubs winning last night).

but oh no! hogan is too big for our fridge!

not for long tho. *chomp chomp chomp*

the end

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