Saturday, April 29, 2017

a tiger cake in honor of a face mask lol

guy, the internet still isn't back at the casa, guys. don't ever use comcast. just. don't.

anyway, were you aware that regular drug stores carry face masks now? yep! even the tiger ones. 


 i was so excited by this that i decided to make a tiger cake. no directions, sorry. i am riding free wifi at a coffee shop (google it. many people have made this cake.)

here's the three colors of batter.

ooooh, the eye of the tiger... cake.

i only had enough batter to make one layer, bwahahah, so i cut the cake in half and stacked it. lolol

it still gave me a nice tiger slice tho, must admit.

is this what you see before you die? ME IT IS ME I AM THE GRIM REAPER...or i am just wearing  a face mask and standing over a lamp.

see you next time i cage free wifi and/or switch internet companies! byeeeeeeee

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