Wednesday, April 12, 2017

unnatural egg dye just in time for easter

the natural egg dye from earlier this week was fun and all, but what is this holiday unless you feel like you're holding?

yes, that's right! someone got some dye tablets! the eggs can't really tell a difference

but can we? let's find out.

this picture just to illustrate that there was some sun after those massive storms rollin' off the lake.

five minutes in the dye and we get

compare/contrast to the natural ones from the other day under the same light.

part of me loves the manufactured dyed eggs more even though they're not really subtle. the beet pink just doesn't do it for me the way the tablet pink does, you know?

oh! what's this?? it looks like they're trying to tell us something!

speaking of being unsubtle and unnaturally hued.

needs more orange.*pukes*

coming up-- slice and bake cookies

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