Friday, April 14, 2017

miffy slice and bake cookies

lately, i've been watching a lot of tutorials on youtube about how to make slice and bake cookies (here my favorite one! 💕) and i thought, what with easter being just around the corner, why not try my hand at making some miffy cookies.

i mean, she is of a very simple design

so it wasn't too difficult to cut a bunch of miffy heads out of dough

and then glue them together with some egg white.

i did start to wonder what i'd gotten myself into when i attached the second layer of dough, however.

an additional layer of green dough and about an hour's worth of freezer time and, hey! it's a log of miffy slice and bake cookies! not bad for a first attempt! (apologies for the change in lighting. there was a really bad thunderstorm happening when this photo was taken.)

here are miffy slices before i painted on their faces with chocolate.

and after.

10 min at 400 f and then it's time to cool.

ha, lighting change again due to another storm. sorry! still! i think these turned out quite well!

i certainly heart them.


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