Saturday, April 15, 2017

monster factory easter eggs!

hi! my internet at home has been eaten by squirrels. like, literally. there is a squirrel nest in the box that connects me to the outside world. so i am beach bloggin this. THANK YOU FOR THE FREE WIFI CITY OF CHICAGO!!

anyway, that is a long way of saying that i am going to have to keep this post short. and i will start that shortness by saying that monster factory has kept me sane this year. THANK YOU MCELROYS

have some some of my favorite monster factory monsters as easter eggs!

dino lansubury. sssshhhhh, don't give her away!

turbovicki. vicki is short for victorious.

the thing about borth sampson is that he looks just like bart! toe to tip, this is a bart!

sadly, i didn't have enough eggs to make totino's but, just like the boy mayor of second life, i think dogs should vote.

and finally, befittingly, my beloved final pam.

here they are as a family!

and here is an outtake photo of two sisters in tupperware.

see you once i get my wifi back! it is very sandy and windy here rn. wow, just...see you once the squirrels are gone. bye!

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