Sunday, September 18, 2005


seattle basic cable is kind of shite.

despite having two pbs stations, univision, azn and a public access channel that rebroadcasts news shows from korea, china, vietnam and japan, it's really quite shite.

here's why.

my whole cable viewing life i've had the turner channels. you know, tbs, tnt, etc. more recently in the turner bundle (within the last five or six years or so) i've been watching turner classic movies and turner south.

not anymore. while we still have tbs and tnt, the only other turner channels that comcast in seattle carries is cnn.

i fucking hate cnn. not as much as fox news, mind, but it's still utter, useless crap.

oh wait! have i mentioned that not only am i turner networkless (at least the good parts of it) but that i don't have wgn?!??!

let me repeat that, i don't fucking have wgn!$!!!!#@#!@!#@!%#%#@

i'm never going to get to see the cubs play again unless i order a damn cable package. or go to a bar that's got the damn cable package. what if the cubs get the wild card again this year?!??! what am i going to do?!??! (yeah, that'll happen. *eyeroll* we all know that the cubs never win anything.)

also? i won't get to see the edited version of the blues brothers ad infantum which kind of makes me sad.

oh, and those two pbs stations? they're in, like, permenant pledge week mode. i've seen alone in the wilderness more times than i can count now.

maybe i'll just have to get out more. maybe that's why people in this part of the country are such outdoorsy types. (it couldn't be the cascade mountains or anything....har har.)

better yet, i'll get leff to up our netflix account to five out at a time instead of our current three. mwah-haaa-haaa!


benchilada said...

Why are you sad that you'll never get to see the Cubs play again? Consider it free time to live life again. And less depression. :)

r4kk4 said...

those are all valid points, ben. buuuuuut, i'm a mashochist when it comes to the cubs.

you really have to be in order to keep watching them year after year after year.........


HappyGillmore said...

my ex-was a cub fan and was always in a massive depression here in WGN here either. BUT, they have it in Aruba of all places!!!

Sorry to hear that Seattle cable is crap. My parents have the whole damn thing, including the when i go home they have everything. Comcast is a bitch of a company.

The Mariners are almost as bad as the's an easy conversion. They've been sucking so much lately that i think they ARE actually worse than the Cubs.