Thursday, September 08, 2005

hey hey hello

i haven't forgotten about you, moon cakes. i've just been really, really, reeeeeeally busy. new city and unpacking and all that. but i promise, swear on a stack of xavier hollander books, that i'll try to at least tell you about seattle soon. because, so far? seattle rocks. i've been wondering where it's been all my life. (note: this is subject to change once i have to battle traffic on the way to a 9-5 and/or winter rolls around.)

good news though! the kitchen is unpacked!

kitchen 1

kitchen 2


Anonymous said...

Congrat on your new place! Looks cute and looks like you're getting very settled...

Any packing/moving tips for those of us preparing to embark?

Brian aka Kitchenknife

michael said...

Like i said before, it's far TOO tidy! Throw a few magazines around and leave tea bags piled up on the corner of the table or something!

r4kk4 said...

thanks, kk!!!

as soon as we can get the boxes out of the way (once the recycling dumpster gets emptied) it'll feel a lot more like home.

i have PLENTY of moving tips if you want any!

i also have a highway map of texas and a map of austin for you if you want! (i guess i recycled all of the other austin things that i had. but i kept the maps!!)

HAHAHA!!! but wp! if i threw magazines around and left tea bags out i'd FREAK OUT!!!!!

it's much easier just to live with my disease. i could go on meds for it again, but i don't like how it turns me into a zombie. ;D

michael said...

I wouldn't want you to be a zombie rakka. o.k. just leave one of those chairs a bit skewed!

HappyGillmore said...

Oh don't worry! There is no such thing as winter in Seattle! You'll just have to deal with traffic on a daily basis throughout the entire year! Yippee!

My recommendation: stay away from I-5, 520, I-90, and especially Highway 99...aka Aurora Blvd. Once you look at a map you'll realize that I just mentioned all of the major freeways in and out of Seattle. Yeah! That's what I'm talking about! Seaaaatle Traffic! (That's the one thing I don't miss ;-)