Wednesday, September 28, 2005

i apologize for not writing. again.

hi, everyone.

again, apologies for the delay in posting. i've just started a new job that i care nothing about. and while i do have a great deal of apathy for this nondemanding position, i don't have a great deal of time since it's been taking up quite a bit of that these past few days.

also, searching for another job to replace the one i'm so apathetic about has also made a dent in blog entry availability.

soon, chickadees, very soon i'll write something that's not an apology for not writing.


Pip said...

good luck getting a great job!

Lisa B. said...

Hey, you could blog about what exactly this sucky job entails. Some of us would like to know ...

r4kk4 said...

thanks, pip! no luck today though. :(

i'll just email you, pants. if i blog anything about it, it'll be reeeeeally obvious where i'm working. and it would be reeeeeeeally easy to find my work location.

and we all know how parinoid i am about that sort of thing, right?

(i'll email you. :D!)