Thursday, September 15, 2005

i *heart* google!

i've yet to expound upon my love of all things google lately.

i know for a FACT that my life in seattle has been made 80 billion times easier because of google local and google maps. (oh, directions! i love you so!!)

why do i know it's 80 billion times easier?? because google local and google maps weren't around when i moved to baltimore. so i had to figure out that city using phone books, any periodicals i could pick up from the street, road maps and just plain trial and error.

so let me sing the praises of google!! LALA-LALALA--LAAAAAAA!! i *heart* you soo much!


HappyGillmore said...

check this site out:

A9 Maps

I think i posted this bfore, but just wanted to make sure you had of the actual street from street view, not satellite!

HappyGillmore said...

sorry, forgot...make sure to check "block view" to see the photos

type in this one: 23 West Galer Street, Seattle

Queen Anne Court! That's where I lived on QA! Oh...the good old days.