Thursday, September 15, 2005

one looooooooong post with lots of photos

i apologize to all three of you that read this blog. i meant to have SOMETHING posted here last week but i caught a mystery disease and was unpacking and leff's been using the computer to code for his top secret job, blahblahblah...

why don't i just start from the most recent news and work my way back?

ok, so last night i dyed my hair again.

better red than dead

this is my favorite red so far. note to self: feria 67.

i finally made it to a coffee shop.

first local seattle coffee shop...

uptown espresso is quite nice. and the chai that i got was probably the best chai that i've ever had. and i've had some chai in my time. leff's cafe americano was quite delicious as well!

the lady in front of us at uptown ordered a coffee with a list of requirements so long that it needed its own pamphlet. and i laughed at her because complicated coffee drinks are SOOOOOO 90's.

but despite the litany of directions on how her coffee should be made, she somehow left out the word "mocha". so the barista left out the mocha. and then the lady complained. and i laughed at her again.

then the barista, who was cute, bitched about her to me and leff.

ah, seattle. i love you!

moving on...

leff and i accidentally ended up at seattle center while we were looking for a flexcar location. (i'm selling michico nissan, my sentra, as soon as i can get a duplicate title from tennessee. i lost it in the move.)

big al @ needle

yeah, the space needle is so close to home that we just stumbled upon it.

also, while we were at seattle center we tripped over the mobile story corpsmobile. (we keep tripping over lots of things these days. it must be the air...)

npr interviewmobile

i heard about the booth in grand central station in nyc a few years ago, but i had no idea that there were two mobile booths touring the country. i might interview leff.

i'm making a lot of progress on the apartment. i sorted the books by color a la chotda.

colo(u)r coded library

and the bathroom is finished. although the shower curtain is too short since our new tub is super deep. like, jacques cousteau could do a program from the depths of our tub deep.

oh, and the bedroom is finished. it's just the living room that still needs unpacking at this point.

this sunday we went to the ballard farmer's market. lots of organic fruit and veg, lots of fresh flowers. and one incredible booth with super inexpensive, delicious produce yeilded this onion.

onion pulls on a hat and enjoys a cup of coffee

it was a huuuuuuuge onion. one of those = four smaller onions. i've got to go back to that guy's booth! he had baby bok choy for $1 a bunch!!

have successfully found trader joe's, safeway, larry's (all three of which are grocery stores that i can WALK to) and one of the targets.

urban target

this target?? tres impressive. it's entered through the parking garage. and it's two stories with a cartscalator.

yes, i'm easily impressed.

i also am now the proud owner of a seattle public library card! i went to the queen anne branch on, like, my third day here.

queen anne branch library

it's an original carnegie library with stained glass windows!!

the librarian that gave us our cards was wonderful! she found it quite amusing that i already knew the specs about the seattle library system. (but how could i not?? it's only, like, one of the greatest library systems in the country!!)

have i mentioned that you check out your own books?? okok, you scan your card and then place your books onto a flat surface that reads, i guess, an rfid chip that's imbedded in them. then you press ok, print out a return date slip and you're out of there!

have i also mentioned the lack of overt security systems at the queen anne branch? in memphis, leaving the library is like leaving fort knox. there are magnetic sensor things by the door and often a security guard. in seattle? none of that. not even the magnetic sensors. of course, i haven't made it to the central branch yet (that's sunday, i think...) so i may be a bit premature in saying that people in seattle might not steal books.

also, nancy pearl is teaching two classes at, i think, uwashington this year. i might try to audit the second one since i'm too late for the first.

AND salmon rushdie and ha jin are BOTH going to be in seattle!!! (not at the same time though.) i've GOT to go to BOTH readings/signings!!

but back to mundane things. on labor day leff and i took an eight mile walk that started at the dna bridge at elliott bay park

dna bridge

took us to pike place market and then back home. pike place was stupid crazy busy with tourists so we didn't stay long.

note to pike place tourists: if you've seen one busker, you've seen them all. get the fuck out of my way, cornfed, before i kick you in the nuts.


the day before that we drove through freemont and stopped at the troll.

the troll

we drove past the lenin statue too but i didn't get a photo.

what to say about my brief time in freemont? it's confusing. the roads are all crazy curvy and one way and they dead end and god i don't even know where the hell we were in freemont.

but i want to try the greek place that happy gilmore recommended!

*whew!* long post! this will have to suffice for today. i'm not sure i even want to write about the drive across the country as it was 1) dull in most places 2) painful most of the time due to a swollen, broken toe, massive bruises that were turning black they were so deep and the multitude of cat scratches i received from anxious kitties 3) i just really don't want to think about it right now.

here's the link to the photoset of the moving photos. and that's all she wrote!

i'm baaaaaaaack!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rakka...
We have an Uptown Espresso too!


michael said...

Nice set of photos give me a sense of deja vu! hey you forgot to mention that the troll has a VW beetle in its paw! By coincidince someone else just posted a photo of it further back at another yahoo group I belong to. small world eh? Nice hair by the way- it suits you.

r4kk4 said...

that's just too crazy, slogrl!!

emdot mentioned something about there being an uptown espresso in slotown! and i got all confused because seattle's uptown seems like a local place and not a chain!

oh well. i'm not meant to understand these things, i suppose!

but it does make all of us coffee sisters!! which makes me very happy!!

HAHAH!! yeah, it is really deja vu, wp! (i have some people that read this that don't do flickr though. hence, the photos.)

the troll is quite popular! i "forgot" to mention the vw because i actually hate them. i lived with a vw mechanic for a while and that's ALL he effing talked about. *eyeroll*

leff was also a vw mechanic for a while, but he only did it to make $$ and to learn how to be a mechanic.

thanks about the red! :D!! *blushing!*

michael said...

Yes, it's tricky with the Flickr and blogging doubling up -I have the same trouble but now and again I upload a photo straight from the desktop that hasn't been flick'd. I dont understand why everyone doesnt Flickr really as its such a great thing and so many nice folk there sharing photos and stuff. i get a warm glow all over just thinking about it!
Sorry for mentioning the VW. i promise never to mention the V word again!

Anonymous said...

So glad to have an update, sorry you've been sick:

1. Hair looks great
2. Library Geeks Rule! I'm jealous, as I was poking arount he AustinPL site I quickly became disillusioned with their searchable database. WHA?
3. Apt is looking swell
4. I HEART Trader Joe's, it just makes life so much sweeter.
5. TARGET! I went to one in Chicago a while back that has the Cartscalator, they also have a Chicago IKEA, and was SUPER impressed, but bummed they won't allow you ride in the cart...
6. The Henry at UW is an awesome museum and you have to go and see the James Turrell Skyspace there--i'll blow you away.
7. Thanks for the Google tips, I'm already last in Austin and not even there yet...


fin said...

love the pictures