Thursday, January 03, 2008

the big holiday post

jesus, but i've been dreading wrapping up the holidays. not that i care that they're over (i'm VERY happy about that!) it's just, you know, this is going to be a long entry.

but enough with the procrastinating. let's travel back to xmas eve when leff and i got the last two donuts at top pot. this is one of them.

i've been trying to spend all of my xmas cash. (money is, apparently, one size fits all. it also makes a great stocking stuffer.) after our donuts, we actually made it to the international district where i got an animal crossing phone charm,

a hello kitty phone charm,

a rabbit canvas bag

and a rement lotus set.

other ways i've been dispensing with xmas moola include a cat hat from lameleg's shop,

a jim henson "city critter"

and a brobee. because i love him and don't care that "yo gabba gabba" is supposed to be for tiny children.

while leff was shopping for his sisters on etsy, he picked up some kick ass things for us from perhaps' shop.

our xmas day was deep fried and full of prepackaged chinese food like these pot stickers.

and, uhm, some funnel cakes. 'cause the holidays scream carny food.

we also took a walk in the rain. you would too if you'd had as much fried food as we had!

sometime between the 25th and now i made some chocolate cupcakes with pb icing.

they were weird since i didn't have all of the ingred and i substituted. plus, you know, the cold is still around and everything that i've tried to make has turned to crap.

we also went skiing at stevens.

i say "we" when i really mean that leff, t and c skiied. i stayed in the lodge and read st lucy's home for girls raised by wolves which is incredible, btw. read it. thank me later.

anyway, happy new year.

may your 2008 be free of computer glitches that disrupt your fireworks.


id said...

you had an awesome holiday (in photos at least) !!

r4kk4 said...

it wasn't bad. i just get all angry/depressed during the holidays. no matter what i do to change it (unless i'm taking meds specifically to alter my mood) i always feel like punching random strangers in the stomach and/or breaking down in the street.

Phil Wilson said...

Freaking hell. I choose Happy Rakka! *goes to hide until the sun comes out*

r4kk4 said...

hahahah! most people do! ;D