Friday, January 18, 2008

more etsy, seated sousa, a movie for me and pants

i'm still stuck working on prep for this new project of mine. that means, you guessed it, i don't have much to write about except what arrived from etsy this week.

more plastic deer from jinny's treasures!

it came with two deer surprises!

isn't that so sweet? thanks again, sandy!

i also purchased a needle felting kit from made by moxie!

i've always loved moxie's work so it was doubly cool to get my kit from her! now to get cracking on the felting!

last night i was super lucky and got to watch not only "mean girls" but the ballard sedentary sousa band on television.

are you going to tell me that you don't like sousa? well then i say that you're a liar and that we are no longer bff.

if you are telling the truth, do like sousa and would like to see the sedentary band play some of his songs, click here. it's totally worth it for the seated drum major.

this next link is for pants (and other tina fey lovers). dearest pants, i know that this doesn't look like the kind of movie that either one of us would ever see put it has jonn hodgman, amy poehler and the fey!

plus it includes the line "i wanna put my baby inside you" as read by the fey herself.

want!! will take this movie behind the middle school and get it pregnant! (via jezebel)

anyway, happy upcoming mlk day. i'll see you monday.


id said...

oooh, I really like Mean Girls! It makes me laugh! Is that bad??

id said...

This "id" thing is really bumming me out, why don't I have a name when I comment using OpenID? :(

r4kk4 said...

why should you feel bad about "mean girls" making you laugh? it cracks me up but, then again, i've been through an american female pubescence. those queen bees are real, pips although not really as exaggerated in rl.

i'm just surprised that blogger allows comments with openid. i'm ok with you not having your name show up since you're the only person i know who uses it. ;D

Phil Wilson said...

I figured out my stupidness and now I have a real name! :)

I think I'm not supposed to laugh at Mean Girls because I'm not a teenage american girl :)

r4kk4 said...

well, lookit that! how cool that your name is back! :D!

nah, i think that tina fey's humour transcends gender.

the book it was based on? that might scare you a little bit. but only because you might not know how awful american teenage girls are to each other. ;D