Wednesday, January 23, 2008

huh? what?

jesus, but where has the time gone?

lately, when i'm not buried in work, i've been doing one of three things: 1) eating sushi

2) watching out for the claw since it's now arrived in lqa

and 3) taking cameraphone pics of tourists.

can you believe that you can see mt. rainier in that picture?

in nine more days i'll be starting two pretty substantial projects. (more if my fucking order from pearl ever gets here. *grumbling*) one of them is thing a day. the other being "suspect and fugitive" which will require more explanation when the time is right. (read feb 1st.)

speaking of time, nine days! i need to go!


Anonymous said...

Pssst. Rakka.

do these secrets involve your easel?

air brushes,

r4kk4 said...

it could.... ;D