Wednesday, January 16, 2008

it slushed a bit on monday night

just like i stated in the title, it did indeed get quite slushy in seattle on monday night.

maybe it snowed in some of the higher elevations, but not in lqa which is one of the many reasons that we still live here.

leff wore sandals in the stuff.

so what's new around these parts? well, i've been watching a lot of movies lately. the ones that i've enjoyed the most? "helvetica", "manufactured landscapes" and "the nun's story" (look, i love anything with audrey hepburn.)

i tolerated "enchanted" but i fell in love with "juno". (i'm one of those people that considers it pretty damn perfect. i will not, however, buy a hamburger phone.)

on the book front, alcatraz versus the evil librarians rocked my weekend while inkspell/tintenblut and j.m. coetzee's slowman and some collette have made the week a bit more interesting.

i've also been working on things that i can't tell you about yet. although, if all goes well, i can post photos of one of those mysterious things on friday.


Shannon said...

Juno was amazingly good! I was a little scared when I first seen the previews. It kinda looked like Napoleon dynamite, and I was one of the haters for that one. But Juno actually made me cry at the end....aww! :)

r4kk4 said...

really? for some reason i thought you'd like napoleon dynamite! (i love it. esp the opening credits and the dancing.)

juno is t eh roxx.