Monday, August 23, 2010

another week down, huh?

the past week was another one of those that didn't really warrant documentation. i'm still working my ass off but, you know, i don't think any of you want to see pictures of pages that i'm reading or photos from the inside of lowes.

things worth noting: i got a kick ass present from melissa that included a green plastic native american!

there were also some goo goo clusters but i don't have the energy to take a picture of them right now.

i made leff a sorta' mameshiba.

i also started a dr. who trio of paintings for him. here's the dalek.

you can see the other images either at stupid f--king awesome or in the flickr set.

also for sfa, the completed clue set with their respective game pieces.

time to get back to work. vacation in two weeks! i cannot WAIT to get out of wa state!

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