Monday, August 09, 2010

in the navy (museum), etc

leff and i are both knee deep in research. while i can't tell you exactly what we're both reading about until, say, 2011 or so, i can tell you that one of us found the puget sound navy museum to be very helpful.

yeah, that's from the navy museum and not a boutique hotel.

have i told you that i loooove wooden boat models? that love springs from "chips ahoy" which i saw when i was tiny.

you know what's not tiny though? this sloop model.

after the museum, we had a bowl of the best pho in the pnw.

the base of this stuff is amazingly peppery and delicious!

after lunch, we were unironically ionic.

ok, not us, the column.

here is a hornet's next that i didn't kick.

here's a question for you, what's a girl like you doing on an island like this?

two questions: was it really col mustard in the library with a candlestick?

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