Monday, August 30, 2010

food, fox, shoes and discs

the last seven days have been prep for the time we'll be out of nanny washington state.

well, ok, not all of it.

these tomatoes have managed to grow despite the shit summer that we've had here. i'll probably have to take them off the vine before they ripen though.

but here's some prep! i got my new fox shirt from threadless. hooray!

and new cheap shoes for the airport.

again, not prep related but related to the food in the title: my dad sent me three kinds of moon pies!

the banana flavor is a lot saltier than i remember. the mint is all kinds of gross and the peanut butter is just right. although i'm still not sure how i feel about crunchy moon pies.

oh! we've started to solve our dvd storage dilemma!

we ordered those kick ass dvd folders from gaylord. (library supplies rock.) unfortunately, we have maybe 200 dvds too many and need to order more. oh well. at least it's a start.

clouseau agrees.

can you not see that he is being serious?


santos. said...

another awesome clouseau photo! and i like the mint ones! but i don't actually like moon pies that much so i don't know how that works.

r4kk4 said...

thanks! :D! (he's been posing since he was a wee kitty and is very used to the camera.)

something about the mint flavor is off to me. maybe it's only the kind in va that are like that.

wanna' know a secret? i think moon pies are gross too. haha! i still get cravings for them though!