Monday, August 02, 2010

how can it possible be monday again already?

it might be cool and beautiful in the beer garden

but the weather outside in the seattle area is typically passive aggressive and deserving of a bitch slap. or possible a swift knee to the balls. in other words, it is currently overcast and 61 FUCKING DEGREES AT NOON ON AUGUST 2ND.

i'm so over this sad excuse of a state at the moment.

i did see some wildlife in the lack of summer this weekend. like an octopus in port orchard.

also this paper tiger.

hot dogs don't really count as animals at this point in the life cycle, do they? whatever, they were tasty.

this shitstack of a summer hasn't dampened my desire for skyr which is something, i suppose. here's some of the blueberry variety that i picked up at the farmer's market last thursday.

i'm gonna' duck out of here now. go look at stupid fucking awesome which is where this murata still life is from.

alternately, after you've finished looking at the following cat photos

you could check out a new tumblr that i'm doing specifically to make leff laugh. nonsensical caldera. it's funny if you're one of us.

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