Monday, August 16, 2010

a slow type of week

technically, this past week was really busy but it was the kind of busy that doesn't lend itself to documenting in a public space.

basically, all that i have from the past seven days are food photos. this is a label that always makes me laugh really hard whenever i see it. because i am 12.

i started a bachelor jam. not in this picture: sugar and gin.


It was also FINALLY fucking warm enough here to enjoy popsicles. i made two kinds, cucumber and watermelon + cucumber.

leff made american style sushi. spicy tuna salad sushi a la the awl. it was delicious.

and i started a new blog (i know.) called book plate. here's the about and a link to the first dish that is pictured below.

i need to catch up on stupid f--king awesome now. see you next monday.

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