Monday, October 11, 2010

and we're back to our regularly scheduled program

the regular update is going to be short, as usual. mainly 'cause i'm turning these 120 sheets of blank watercolor paper

into 120 mixed media paintings by the end of the month. oh, it can be done. it has to be. otherwise, i'm not gonna' have a lot to sell at ucu.

other things: i've think i've decided to shelve another short project that i was going to try and cram into oct. it might get shoved into next year, if i'm honest with myself.

still trying to plan the london trip. like, what days where and whether or not i can do both tates without driving everyone who's hanging out with me crazy. heh. (also trying to talk myself out of attempting to see murakami at versailles. we're not going to have time. it's as simple as that. i'm still slightly saddened and dreaming in french again though.)

halloween decorations. yeah, i'm still trying to make them. what? it's the only holiday that i bother to celebrate correctly. the other ones suck.

and that's it. i'm just really, really busy. so busy that i don't even bother to get coffee (which is what i do for socializing these days). so busy that i missed the plush you opening. so busy that i haven't bought tickets for the picasso blowout at sam yet.

fuji doesn't mind though.

she still sleeps on my chest while i'm trying to paint. adorable but, jesus, it's such a pain in the ass when you're pushing pigment.

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