Monday, October 25, 2010

so hectic

it's gotten stupid around these parts.

that's my triple pony tail. all the way.

i finished cutting all the halloween lanterns for 2010 last night. here's the group shot. (you can see them all individually in the flickr set.)

here are my three favorites. "ginger balls" (this video will clue you in if you're not a "fotc" fan.)

"i just blue myself" (another video for reference if you're not into "arrested development")

and brak. (ok, fine. here's a brak video.)

the next thing i'm making for halloween is a set of four xl stencils for the front windows of the house. perhaps you remember last year's set?

anyway, that means i have to get back to work. i've almost completed the 120 paintings that i had slated for this month. (only 30 left!) and i need to start packing for london. wait, let me rephrase that...LONDON!!

speaking of london, these dr who plush will be flying with us. i stenciled them and leff sewed. hooray!

have some cat pics. i'll see you again before i jet off to the uk next week.

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