Friday, October 08, 2010

cali trip, day 5

our last full day in california consisted of me hardly leaving the room. the cold (that i still have, btw) came on in full force that friday so i spent a lot of time staring at this two liter bottle of diet coke.

addtionally, i wrote a bunch of postcards to my two year old nephew (which was pointless as he can't read yet) and finished reading how to make friends with demons.

i also slept. a lot.

leff ventured back to the mission plaza for some peace sans coughing. while there, he saw two people dressed as fruits (one strawberry, one banana) who were standing in the water. he observed the following conversation:

mumbling lady: (not actually overheard. leff assumes she asked) what are you supposed to be?
strawberry: i'm a strawberry.
ml: ???
strawberry: a strawberry.
ml: ????
strawberry: a strawberry.

i can't believe that he didn't get pictures.

at one point in the afternoon i managed to hoof it to a sub shop where we saw a person who looked so much like they were from california that it was laughable. like, good job casting that role, mystery agent who was undoubtedly somehow involved! i doubt there's anyone else in the world that so perfectly embodies the physical form of "dude".

during dinner, leff cracked open a corona familiar beer from the dude store thinking that he had gotten something different. turns out that familiar is just that...familiar. it was just regular corona in a bigger bottle. whee.

bullet list? why not.:
  • i did not make it to pecha kucha.
  • mansplaining seems to be a competitive sport on the entire west coast and not just in the pnw.
  • "lovejoy" is a useful sleep aide. (even though i do love that show.)

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