Tuesday, October 05, 2010

cali trip, day 2

we start day 2 still on the starlight express. i didn't sleep very well (long time readers will know that this is nothing new) but the lack of zz's afforded me the opportunity to stare out the train window into seemingly endless galaxies full of stars. in fact, there were so many stars that i felt as if i were falling into them. it was something i hadn't experienced since i was a kid.

(then again, the sensation might also have been due to my fever. whatever the reason, stars are cool esp since i don't get to see them very often due to the bitch that is light pollution.)

we arrived in san luis obispo around 3pm. the approach to town was very picturesque as we looped down through several mountains before finally arriving at the station.

slogrl met us and we walked to the sanitarium, a lovely b&b near downtown. all of my pictures for the day are from there, so why not look at them now?

slogrl, c, her godmother, leff and i had dinner at a thai place within walking distance of the sanitarium where we all shared some flaming soup and slogrl ate her food out of half a pineapple. it was all quite delicious and a wonderful way to get accustomed to cali.

after a quick shower, we headed to a ranch for a party. i don't have any photos (i'm weird in that i don't really document parties.) and i don't actually remember much about the party other than that there was a bonfire and we were in the middle of a bunch of grape vines. still, it was a nice night to be outside in ca.

bullet list for the day:
  • leff forgot about dre at the oakland station. then an nwa plane flew by.
  • california train stations have signs that say "loco spot". i'm sure this is for location of some sort but it struck me as a great place to go crazy.
  • having the fbi at your table is great when the letters stand for "fried banana with ice cream
  • californians have a hard time grasping the concept of cave crickets. which, btw, are the creepiest fucking things on earth. here, let me google them for you.


santos. said...

isn't loco spotting the american equiv of trainspotting? only without the smack and renton shoving suppositories up his bum.

i lurve that b&b.

r4kk4 said...

ha! i guess it IS american trainspotting! thanks for solving that mystery for me!

now i just think it's funny that in ca there's a specific spot where you stand to watch trains.

did you stay at the sanatarium? it's so nice.