Wednesday, October 06, 2010

cali trip, day 3

day 3 was our first full day in california. as such, it was chock full of sightseeing. thankfully, i was able to carbo load with a lemon curded bagel + some coffee before heading out to leff street.

this knit

and this sticker

were on leff. the street, not the bf.

our main goal for the day was to see the san luis mission de tolosa (it's not cali to me unless i've been to a mission. please don't ask.) but we made a detour at the sock drawer first.

it was early enough in the day that there weren't many people at the mission complex.

there's a really great mural inside of the mission proper that includes, i think, local birds and plants (don't hold me to that though. i could just be making it up.) but i didn't get a very good photo as there was a lady using the chapel. (slogrl said that i should have disturbed her so i could have gotten a look at the child that's buried there. eh, there's always next time.)

the mission also has a museum attached. you know how ape shit i go for catholic religous iconography, right? you don't? now you do. these were some of my favorite pieces.

fray junipero serra says "hey", btw.

one last picture from the mission complex.

(i have video as well, if you're interested: 1, 2)

after getting all missioned out, leff and i had some pretty terrible coffee. (seriously, the lady didn't know what a "doppio" was and she owns a goddamned coffee shop.)

i also started saying "get me my fucking soy burrito." because, omfg, entitled asshats don't just live in seattle. they sometimes use the post office in slo town. *eyeroll*

what? at least i'm loyal, aren't i?

anyway, we almost literally stumbled over a refurbed carnegie library. (ok, the curb of the refurbed carnegie library.) i go almost as apeshit over carnegie libraries as i do over catholic religious iconography. that is a fact! truth! it is being told!

the lady at the front desk was very kind to us and gave us a pretty thorough history of the place. she also told us how to get to the gum wall.

somehow, seeing all of that masticated and plastered crap made us hungry. we had lunch at a (not pictured) previously mobile but now in a permanent building taqueria. DELICIOUS!! i hadn't had really good mexican food in such a long time!

shut up before you start, seattle people. there is no good mexican food in your town. truth! i am telling it!

since leff and i are olds, our enthusiasm for our lunch wore us out so it was back to the b&b for a nap before meeting slogrl, c and s for a trip to the madonna inn!

i had been DYING to see this place in person for YEARS and, let me tell you, the tackiness did not disappoint! everything is so freakin' over the top! and it's so PINK! does the insanity of the dining room translate well in this photo?

how about these grapes that are part of a chandelier? does that give you a glimpse into the crazy?

ok then, check this creepy ass "shining" stairwell!

it's CRAZY!

(oh! here's a video that i took of a fountain outside of the men's restroom while waiting on some german men to clear out of the area so i could see the waterfall urinal. (sad note: i never did get to see it although leff filled me in on the details.))

the madonna inn could've capped off my day perfectly but there was more! oh my god, SO MUCH MORE!

in morro bay, there is a place called taco temple. these are the guacamole tacos that i ate there.

do i need to type guacamole tacos again? 'cause i will.

leff had the freshest scallops of his life here. (he still gets this dreamy look on his face whenever i mention them.)

after dinner, we headed to the rock in morro bay. i go as apeshit for large rocks in the ocean as i do for catholic iconography and carnegie libraries. seriously! it was an apeshit kind of day!

sadly, it was too cold to spend too much time on the rock so we headed back to slo. we took a detour by the fremont theater before heading "home". look at all that neon!

today's short bullet list:
  • san luis obispo cop car sirens sound like noises in a chemical brothers song.
  • kris kristopherson's mother lives in a windmill house. it's kinda' cool, kinda' crazy. but not as crazy as the madonna inn.

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