Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the post where i finally make brandy butter

with five days left until i resteam the xmas pudding, douse it with brandy and then LIGHT IT ON FIRE, i thought that it might be a good idea to finally get around to mixing together the very reason i made xmas pud in the first place. yeah, time to make the brandy butter!

i used shed's mum's recipe which goes a little something like this: "unsalted butter, icing sugar, brandy. equal weights icing sugar and butter. brandy to taste. try 5oz each of butter and sugar, 1oz brandy." shed said that his mum doesn't really measure the brandy but added a glug to the sugar and butter mixture.

anyway, ingreds.

that cognac is naaaaasty on its own. there's some cinnamon flavor? whatever, it tastes like college and by that i mean goldschalger shots which is worse than ipecac, if memory serves. STILL! it works well in foodstuffs which is its primary reason for residing in our casa.

here is a puddle (4 tbs?) of it waiting to be stirred into the 8 tbs of butter and, idk, roughly 1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar that i mixed.

and this is the result!

i think it will probably look a bit more like the prepacked brandy butter that i google imaged after five days in the fridge. however, if it doesn't I DON'T CARE because it is FUCKING DELICIOUS!! many gazillion thanks to the shreds for getting this recipe!


leff said...

yeah, sorry, it's not plain brandy. I got the wrong thing because I was in a hurry at the liquor store. It's cognac and Bénédictine. In other words, it's a B&B (brandy and Bénédictine) and it is gross.

r4kk4 said...

i just thought it had added monks.