Monday, April 16, 2012

back to normal monday posting

since i last wrote, spring tried to happen.

the key word in that sentence was tried. it's still been really cold, foggy and blah most of the time.

the few minutes of sun that we get per day are greatly appreciated, however.

what else is new? i've been keeping myself busy with work.( i suppose that is not new...) anyway, this week i made an orange chocolate anonymousse.

i also tried to recreate food from the trip. here's a decent chicken bhuna (it needed cardamom. we didn't have any.)

and a really good (if i say so myself) roasty puff pastry thing a la ottolenghi.

i would eat both of those dishes again. AND this welsh cheese!

they have all been consumed. of course.

i've also been consuming books.

ok, trying to. my attention span is shit these days.

and i've been working my way through the sketchbook project, special edition book that needs to be postmarked by the 30th. my topic is "distance and time". here are a few of my favorite pages to date. (full set can be seen on flickr.)

lastly, of course, collages for excheckered.

blargh. i SWEAR next week i will try not to sound like someone stole my pickup, shot my wife and then exported my dog to canada (or however it is that old school country songs go).

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