Monday, April 02, 2012

rakka and leff do europe 2012, day five, london

day five. our last day in the elephant and castle. leff and i woke with the intention of adventuring around the neighborhood but then looked out the window.


those of you who are regular readers of this blog know that back in wa state, i have been dealing with a perpetual winter that started two and a half years ago. this weather DOES NOT put me in an adventuring mood.

UNLESS!!! i can go to iceland (the store, not the country). grockles had been telling me about iceland for years so when i saw one in the basement of the elephant and castle shopping center during one of our explores earlier in the week, i told leff that it was on like donkey kong (because i sometimes like to use outdated jargon for comedic effect).

and so to iceland we went! we did not even need our passports!

ya know what they sell at iceland? canned scrumpy. (although shed has informed me that this is not, in fact, real scrumpy. ONE DAY, REAL SCRUMPY! ONE DAY, I WILL IMBIBE YOU!!)

two things about scrumpy jack: 1) i kept saying it like "i'm scrumpy jack!" 2) i had a feeling just looking at that can that the end of today's story would be as good as one that started "there's got to be a night bus SOMEWHERE!"

but back to our story. we double gloucestered it up. LOOK AT ME BEING ALL CRAZY AND EATING UNPASTEURIZED CHEESE! (it is so good!)

i ate cheese while watching orange jumpsuited men working on railroad tracks

and while i was doing laundry.

we did have a real reason besides the crap weather for staying in (well, other than being exhausted) and that reason was RUGGER! wales v france! WE HAD JUST BEEN TO PARIS TWO DAYS BEFORE AND THE NEXT DAY WE WERE GOING TO CARDIFF!!!

what? i had been drinking fake scrumpy.

i took this picture at the start of the match because leff liked one of these coats. (we had been trying to find a coat for him for days as he had only brought cardis and jumpers. (you know, sweaters. heh.))

an aside:  i kept referring to six nations as seven nations as this makes a pretty good white stripes joke. some of you out there know what i'm talking about and might find this mildly amusing.

anyway, it was a great game (and a nice coat). i ate this tiny chicken pie when i wasn't saying "rhys priestland". (it is fun to say!)

leff looked out the window after france had been trounced and said "is that the eiffel tower? BWAH-HAAAAA!!"

it was totally night bus material.

time passed, more laundry was washed, even more tele was watched and then we had some microwavable chicken bhuna.

it was better than it looked. (although no where NEAR AS GOOD as what can be had at the cinnamon tree! (<3s you, diffy!))

leff had been lamenting a lack of adventure so we finished all of our iceland value brand lager (fake scrumpy had long ago been demolished.) and scrounged for change so that he could head to the kebab shop.

an aside:  nothing makes me feel more like i'm living in the uk than being slightly tanked and scrounging for change (me: ARGH##dfaf WHY CAN I NEVER REMEMBER WHICH IS THE 20P!?!?) for a kebab. because i know that this would probably be a weekly occurrence should i ever get uk or eu citizenship.

*shoulder shrug*

 kebaaaab! omfg. this thing was covered with atomic sauce. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!

buuuut it brought on the french nightmare that i had been expecting. the one where all of these french people are asking me what time it is and i can answer in english, spanish, german, japanese, icelandic and esperanto ? BUT NOT IN FRENCH?! and then they kill me? blargh. i have been having that dream for decades and it scares the shit out of me. (you probably have to be there.)

tomorrow on rakka and leff finally stop wasting time and DO SOMETHING:  we head to CAAARDIIIFF!!!  SHEEEEEEEED!!! natural history!! whales in wales! all the film locations in the uk!! plus if everything that could possibly go wrong DID go wrong and there was a train was traveling at 5 mph away from london that got stalled outside of reading because of engineering work, HOW LONG WOULD IT TAKE TO GET TO CARDIFF?! oh, god. *face in hands* just wait..

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