Saturday, April 07, 2012

spring festival fusion

hey! it's another break from travel posts!

friday morning at around 4 am, i got a wicked craving for some hot cross buns.  this is not too weird as it was stupid early on good friday. (the only thing about holidays that i haven't abandoned is the food.)

so i used the recipe linked above to make some buns. here they are being all nondenominational about three hours after i started making them.

and with cream cheese + lemon juice + lemon zest + sugar wonky xes.

you know what goes well with hot cross buns? well, what WOULD go well with hot cross buns if i could figure out how to make it? yep, cafe creme. here is my lame attempt at recreating the coffee we had in paris. (you can see the crema from the espresso on the sides of the mugs. i am not the neatest when it comes to making espresso at home.)

as luck would have it, the cherry trees down the street had decided to bloom overnight. and, HOLY SHIT, the sun was out!! i decided all spur of the moment that buns + coffee would comprise an impromptu hanami party! IT WAS A SPRING TIME FESTIVAL MASHUP AND IT WAS GLORIOUS!!

i even managed to bring home some blooms for the robot.

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