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rakka and leff do europe 2012, day ten, brighton

leff and i got up pretty early on our tenth day abroad. we were going to take a trip down to the seaside/do dee do dee do deee do dee dooooo! (this is a song whose lyrics that neither leff nor i can remember. *shoulder shrug*)


well, ok, it was exciting until we encountered the many design flaws of said station. see, it's a really busy place? so platforms aren't assigned until the last minute? and, um, the place where you wait for your platform announcement

is facing the gates where, idk, FOUR OR FIVE PLATFORMS FULL OF TRAINS EMPTY?!?  and those passengers, you know, rush at you in a mess of humanity?  AAAARGH!!!

somehow leff managed to eat a sandwich and drink a coffee in the middle of all this.  he has amazing powers of breakfast consumption.

you aren't going to believe this but, haha! our train was late. it was also pretty bare bones compared to the posh first great western trains that i was used to.

the trays on the backs of the seats raised and lowered with a very satisfyingly loud SQUUUUUEEEEEEEEAAAACSHSD!!! though so i did that a couple of times while claiming that it was haunted. HAUNTED TRAAAAY!!! RUUUUN AWAAAAAY!!

anyway, anyway brighton station!  groc was waiting for us there!! YAAAAY!! this is not a picture of him though.

after a quick exchange of presents, we headed toward that seaside that i had been singing about earlier in this post. it is accessed by a not actual subway. (well, not an american one anyway as there are not any trains involved.)


brighton beach is rockier than the beaches that i am used to.

and the rocks are pretty plentiful as leff is demonstrating here.

they make a very satisfactory "snick"-y type noise when the waves pull back off of them. (you can hear it very faintly in the video at the bottom of this post. (i'll remind you in a bit.) leff used his audio recorder so i'll give you a link when he posts it.)

while we were on the beach, i made groc eat a peep because i am evil.

i got ice cream with a flake for myself because there is NO WAY IN HELL that i am going to eat a peep.  i am evil, not devoid of taste buds.

leff decided to have some cockles. while he was waiting on the wee beasties to be placed into a paper cup, i took a picture of luther inside of a plastic crustacean's claw.

some british dude saw me and commented on how it was a good idea. then he asked me if luther had a passport. i just *shifty eyed* and *shhhhhhed* which seemed to be the appropriate answer as he laughed and walked off. british dudes, i heart you. i really, really do. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE!!

so, leff's cockles. he really enjoyed them! (i am not making a warming the cockles of his heart joke, sorry.)

i thought they tasted of vague fish, salt water and grit which, you know, BETTER THAN I THOUGHT!

after groc got a nu yawk hat dawg (not pictured) we moseyed on to the non burned out pier. (fun fact:  BRITISH PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO MOSEY! heh.)

so here's the pier that you all know so well.

there is a ferris wheel, "brighton eye"?, right near it.

also, fun places to take pictures.

here is a fun place where you are NOT supposed to take pictures but i did because 1) i am a bad ass 2) this guy looked like he had a hot dog for a head.

but i ran outside after i finished with that photo so as to not cause an international incident.

anyway, here are some pictures from the pier. it was a lot bigger than i thought!

i made luther do a dance in front of the crazy mouse. you can see it on leff's plus as it's not on youtube yet.

ah! here's the video where you can juuuuuust make out the satisfying "snick" sound as the water pulls back off the rocks.

i could have spent the whole day at the beach but there were other parts of brighton to explore.

places like, oh, i don't know, THE CRACKERDOG INSANE ROYAL PAVILION!!

i only have pictures of the outside of the building as photography is not allowed inside.

just know that george the iv was NUTS. this place is SO OVER THE TOP!!

just, yeah, go watch their sanctioned video tours.  you WILL NOT believe this place. they also have a tea shop with a cheese and pickle that will roxxor your soxxors off! IT SO WILL!

leff and i were way exhausted by this point. (superb garishness does this to us.) so groc took us to a pub in the lanes.

ya know what i had there?  A PIMM'S CUP!!!!1  AAAAAAAAAAAH!! IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!

sadly, after the pub, leff and i had to catch our train back to brighton. this is not a picture of the train but some headphones that i saw on the way to the station.

speaking of heading to the station! at one point, the cuff of my jeans got caught on some rebar that was sticking out of the pavement. i didn't know what had happened, i just knew that i could not move my leg. here's the funny part. my reflex action when i got trapped? i jabbed out with a right hook! then i yelped "help! i'm stuck". HAHAH! I AM NOT WOUND TOO TIGHTLY! NOOOOO, NOT ME!

it was crazy sad to say bye to groc but at least he got to pigeon watch with us before we had to leave. birds always make things better.

on the way back to london, we passed battersea station. this was monumental as, well, IT'S BATTERSEA! IT IS MONUMENTAL BY NATURE!! (i don't have a photo of it because i was too busy talking to some poshly dressed people who were on the way to a benefit.  leff will surely provide me with an image shortly.)

tubing back to bloomsbury, leff and i saw this and cracked up.

erm, sorry, dad and chris. haha!

that night we had dinner, not nando's. we ate a giraffe this time. we had these delicious PIMM'S MOJITOS?!? omg, i die. it was so delicious.

not QUITE as tasty was the diet canned greenall's g&t that i picked up at waitrose. (the non diet is lush but this kind is a tad chemically.) BUT I DRANK IT ANYWAY since we were still had one night left at the rancid student flat. le sigh...

tomorrow on rakka and leff escape bloomsbury: we leave the rancid student flat for the greener, lusher, infinitely lovelier flat of islington! i combine two days into one as on day 11, i slept for, OH, I DON'T KNOW, 13 HOURS?! and there is no way to make that interesting. day 12, however! that was fun! the canal museum! THE CHEESE BOAT!! we skip the guardian open house. PLUS! THERE WAS AN UNEXPECTED ARSENAL MATCH THAT WE ACCIDENTALLY STUMBLED UPON!! ARGH!!

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