Wednesday, April 11, 2012

rhys in seattle 2012, post trip

after two super grueling days of existing outside of time (first two days are always the worst), leff and i started to reacclimate to pacific daylight time. poor rhys who had to witness "the rakka and leff show, jet lag edition"! we are NOT a pretty sight. (me: *cooking at 3am*, rhys: *stretching, slightly waking up* watcha' making? me: curry. it's 3am cu-uuuur-uh-ah-er-aheeeeeeeeeeee!! *dancing around to the klf song that i had stuck in my head*)

anyway, on friday of last week, we took a short trip to port orchard on the foot ferry. this, uh, this is not the foot ferry.

it is, however, the dock where you wait for it.

i saw my favorite boat.

to be honest, we didn't really do a LOT while we were in port orchard as there's not a lot to do. i made everyone go to the library (OF COURSE). we detoured through a candy shop where i tried to buy a cadbury creme egg but was offered some fudge instead. (i know you have to push the samples, kid, but I DON'T EAT RANDOM FUDGE! BACK OFF, INSISTENT PANTS!) then we got drunk at amy's. well, ok, I got drunk at amy's but that is because the bartender made my g&ts really strong. like, it was just gin on the rocks with a twist of lime. I AM FINE WITH THIS! esp since it was pissing down rain.

ugh. any carrot in a storm, i guess.

back on the btwon side of things, rhys posed with a chipmunk while leff bought a black and mild at the 7-11. (they are a hold over from our days in memphis. please don't ask.)

i think that i might have slept for the rest of that day. like, i said, poor rhys. jet lagged hosts are the worst.

HOWEVER! the next day we MADE AN 8 COURSE MEAL!! the courses were...

1) booze course with mango mimosas

2) appetizery fiddly foods course (artichoke hearts, pepperoncinis, kalamata olives and roasted red pepper hummus with carrots and cukes)

3) SALAD!!! course (i could have stopped here, tbh. BUT I DIDN'T!)

4) gross prepackaged butternut squash soup that i tried to doctor to turn into the curried butternut squash soup that i make every fall course. i failed miserably in this endeavor. OH WELL! IT'S NOT LIKE THERE WEREN'T MORE COURSES!

5) salmon course.

6) sunday roast course! with roast chicken, roast potatoes, roast carrots and boiled, vinegary cabbage. mmmm! also some sort of gravy that i threw together but, whatever. it was not so good.

7) key lime pie course!

8) milky coffee course

ugh, i did not think that i could ever eat again. but the next day (WAS it the next day?? i don't care, let's just say it was for narrative funness.) leff made english breakfast.


oh, it was good but, ugh. so much food.

the monday before rhys headed back to atlanta, we rented a zipcar. I KNOW! A CAR!!! we went LOTS of places! first stop? cap hill for volunteer park where we climbed up the water tower and then looked at the koi.

i am kinda' stupid because i forgot that it was monday. monday is closed day for museums and, APPARENTLY, the conservatory at volunteer park. sorry, rhys.

near the park is the cemetery where both bruce and brandon lee are buried.

and in wallingford, there is a squirrel wearing underpants.

at archie mcphee, of course.

here i am with a deer head mask.

rhys had never seen the troll before. this would be because i avoid fremont like the plague. still, we headed to troll ave north

so rhys could try and out troll the troll. (he does the best rage faces, i swear.)


then a short jag to gasworks park.

here is rhys being the statue of liberty on top of the hill.

i modeled my new ring from mcphee while he was up there. like i am going to climb a hill on my day off.

in freeball, ballford, whatever the fuck people call that shit area between neighborhoods, we rocked out to the musical stylings of herb alpert. because we are ridiculous.

also we were on the way to the locks on a sunny day. herb alpert is perfect for days like this.

we took fish and chips to the locks to sort of make fun of the fish climbing the fish ladder. (ok, i lie. i just had chips. and only part of these because OMG I HAD EATEN SO MUCH FOOD. X_x)

our fish taunting was in vain, however, as this was the only little guy who showed up.

after the locks, it was on to golden gardens! TOLD YOU WE DID A LOT!

i had TWO rocks!

we stayed at the beach for a long while. look, we were giddy. THERE WAS SUNLIGHT! also, we had finished doing everything in seattle.

after this, things were just sad because rhys had to head back south. and even though he had a day more than he thought, it was still awful because OMG, I MISS MY RHYSLING!! *sads* *icepo* *etc*

really, i am just going to stop writing now because everything is just so depressing. i miss everyone and everything and i really do not want to be in washington state.

BUT, no. one last bit of goodness. leff has started his new job! (HOORAY, LEFFIE!! AND CONGRATS!!) and i have a lot of work to do so that should keep me occupied. i guess. ugh, i wish that i had been able to get a script for antidepressants before we left. 

anyway, this should wrap up all of the abnormal posting for a while. i do have a nutella comparison post to do but jens is sending another kind of hazelnut spread from germany (I CANNOT WAIT!! THANK YOU, JENS!!) so i'll probably wait on that for a bit.

 so yeah, back to regular monday only posting unless i make something that i'm happy about. I AM SURE THAT YOU ARE RELIEVED!

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