Friday, August 03, 2012

10 states in 7 days-- oklahoma ---> arkansas ---> tennessee

day four started a bit late as the earliest available tour at price tower began at 11 am.  this was fine with me as: 1) turner classic movies 2) internet 3) i was actually slightly hungry and, as such, had enough time for a hot chocolate. mmmm! empty, sugary calories!

there was also time for a car wash.

a few friends of mine who had been through bartlesville told me that there was no way to miss price tower. that it was just standing out there all on its own being all frank lloyd wright. they were not frank lloyd wrong. (thank you! tip your waitress!)

this was originally slated to be part of a complex in nyc but financing fell through due to the great depression. lucky for bartlesville!

you can see the horizontal and vertical slats that designate the building's original zones. vertical for living spaces, horizontal for work spaces. (or it may be the other way around. apologies. i was very tired when i took the tour.)

as photography was not allowed inside, you will only get to see the view from the tower.

just know that price's office was exceptional. and that, had i been there later in the day, i would SO have been drinking at the copper bar.

also! while it was not as relaxing as a gin and tonic, i was still happy catching the superb romare bearden show in the gallery and then blanking on robert indiana's name in front of this 66 sculpture of his.

seriously. how can you blank on robert indiana? *eyeroll*

still, no time to waste in oklahoma as we had all of arkansas to drive through. so after a lunch at a uniquely depressing pizza joint (not pictured below. that is just me and padre on our way into the uniquely depressing pizza joint.)

we drovedrovedrove. and then we drove some more, only stopping when my dad wanted some ice cream. no, he did not find it here.

he found it here.

and then shortly after ice cream, he found the traffic jam on i40.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT ARKANSAS?!? EVERY FUCKING TIME i have driven through that damn state, there is ALWAYS ALWAYS a massive backup on the other side of little rock. YOU HAVE BEEN WORKING ON I40 FOR AT LEAST 15 YEARS, ARKANSAS!! WHEN WILL YOU BE FINISHED?!?

sigh, whatevs. it was dusty and hot and ugh. let's just skip it, ok? let's skip it and focus on this.

haha! get it?! it is a blurry picture of the hernando de soto bridge! you CANNOT focus on it because it is...oh fuck it.

jeremy met me at the river. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH, JER FOR MEETING ME AT THE RIVER!! then it was ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM out to east memphis for beers

and much catching up as i had not seen either maggie or jeremy for seven years. NEVER AGAIN!! seven years is too long.

and then *BOOM* time for sleep. their little kitten kept my feet warm and it was wonderful and if you had ever told me that i would be happy to be back in memphis, I WOULD NOT HAVE BELIEVED YOU! but i was. oh, fucking hell, was i ever happy to be back in memphis.

TOMORROW:  tennessee ---> mississippi ---> tennessee. maggie and i window shop at ALL THE STORES! including the purple pickle which, hahahaa, is not the kind of store that it sounds like.

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