Monday, August 06, 2012

10 states in 7 days ---> tennessee again

my last full day on vacation was chockablock packed.  all of the things.  ALL OF THEM! you think i'm kidding but you have no idea. truuuuue stoooray, etcs, etcs, etcs and now let's start this post.

memphis has a farmer's market downtown now! THIS WAS NOT A THING WHEN I LIVED THERE! it is fantastic!

and it's located near the old power house.

anyway, farmer's market! i got more cherry tomatoes. YOU ARE NOT SURPRISED!

the man who sold them to me forgot to charge me but HA! I WOULD NOT LET HIM GROW SUCH DELICIOUS THINGS AND NOT BE COMPENSATED! PLEASE TO TAKE MY CASH MONIES! seriously, four different kinds of tomatoes and they all tasted so different and DELICIOUS! thank you, mr. farmer, sir!

is this post going to be all about food? well, not all of it but a LOT of it because FUCKING HELL memphis has THE BEST food. i have missed it desperately.

behold all that we shared at saigon le! (we just asked the lovely owner to bring us whatever she felt like making.)

a delicious, refreshing salad

some, tasty, tasty rolls

jalapeno tofu,

ginger tofu,

black bean tofu
and spicy, spicy sauce

to pour over this lo mein.

AND a delicious drink for desert that had SO MUCH JACKFRUIT!!

my fortune was kinda meh though.

in bed.

you know, i always forget that thong auto service is across the street from saigon le.

you would think that i would remember that given how much it makes me laugh.

but enough about thongs. there is too much left to write about! after lunch, we went to the cotton museum to see greely myatt's show there.

greely was my professor at umemphis. his work has always been awesome but, omg, this show was just the greatest. the roots in this case are his and not part of the display.

in fact, the whole show was just sneaky in the best way. all of his pieces were hidden in the permenant exhibits. here are a few that i found (but i won't post all of them so as not to ruin things for anyone going to see this show).

cotton taco. i died.

i will say it again, SUCH A GOOD SHOW! even if the boll weevil struck again.

after greely's show, we went to the brooks for the soul of the city  exhibit.

this is, obviously, the nam june paik in the brooks' lobby and not part of the show.

photos weren't allowed but just know that that show, should you be lucky enough to catch it, will kick you in the gut AND the head. i have no idea why my most favorite pieces are not part of the press page that i linked to above. just...GO SEE THIS AND GREELY'S SHOW, OK?!

also make sure to see the quilts around the corner from "soul of the city". photos weren't allowed there either but here is a deer detail that i took before i noticed the "no photos!" sign.

in the same park as the brooks is the shell. guess what! IT HAS BEEN TOTALLY REVAMPED!

and, haha! SO HAS JOE'S!

joe's took over the space where peter pan pantry used to be located. there was a box wine tasting happening while we were there. oh! and also! MOONSHINE!!!!

i miss memphis SO FUCKING MUCH! EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED but it is all still familiar. (ok, fine. i am just excited about that cherry moonshine. YES! YOU KNOW ME TOO WELL!)

can you believe that we did more that day? HAHA WE DID MORE THAT DAY!  we saw "beasts of the southern wild".

IF YOU DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE WE CANNOT BE FRIENDS! it is absolutely, hands down, one of the best films that i have seen in the last 10 years. GO SEE IT!!! GO SEE IT NOW!! AND THEN GET YOUR FRIENDS TO SEE IT!!

after the movie (which, btw, i STILL have not shaken) it was booze and dinner at le chardonnay with the memphis film peeps. these are my people. THEY LIKE "TROLL 2" TOO, OKAY?!

there was seated karaoke at le chardonnay. no, i did not sing. i also did not get any video because, hahaha! i was pretty fucked up by this time of the day.

it did not stop me from seeing the river city tan lines at the hitone though.

such a good show! such a good crowd! such a good bar scar!

whew! that is enough for today, don't you think? TOMORROW! tennessee ----> washington. ugh. i hate being back in blandland. it will be a short post but BUT the most important part of the week happened on sunday!

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