Sunday, August 05, 2012

10 states in 7 days -- tennessee

domo arigato!

early friday afternoon, bunny and destructo  retrieved me from east memphis and took me back to my rightful place in midtown.

(bunny's photo)

well, ok, technically three angels is not in midtown but CLOSE ENOUGH! broad, baby! it is SO REVITALIZED NOW! and i freakin' love three angels. this was our table.

and this ri'chere is southern fried chicken. delicious INCREDIBLE cold southern fried chicken. I HAVE MISSED IT SO MUCH! (i only oven fry chicken at home. it is sad sometimes, trying to be healthy.)

i had it with a pimm's cup. yeah, straight up in the middle of the day, not even a problem to get, pimm's cup.

which i then followed with half of a cucumbertini that i split with bunny.

memphis? you are the best. and that's not even the gin talking. heh.

after lunch, we dropped off my luggage. here is back deck kitty welcoming me to casa destructobunny.

yeah, we were the converse three.

i still have not figured out what our combined super power was though. the ability to not freeze in sessel's even though the ac was subzero? (nah, that would be because i had a hoodie. heh.)

anyway, anyway, later that night we went to art walk on main. this was not an option when i was living in memphis? or, well, ok, maybe it was but it wasn't such a big deal. this was not a piece from artwalk but it should have been.

mca has new graduate digs downtown. THINGS HAVE CHANGED SO MUCH SINCE I LEFT! do you SEE those windows? man, i would love to paint in that building.

art walk was not quite in full swing when we arrived so we ducked into earnestine and hazel's for a couple of beers.

(destructo's photo)

and then BOOM! all of a sudden all of these people were walking around and laughing and having a great time. DOWNTOWN! ON MAIN! BELOW BEALE STREET!!

i would not have believed it was possible if i hadn't seen it with my own eyes. for srs, i'd never seen so many people just out enjoying themselves this far away from beale. it was awesome!

the area around the lorraine motel has been reconfigured as well. there is now an area for reflection in front of the museum. very smart move, memphis.

it's always a sobering location.

still, not too much time for introversion as weirdness was abounding. as usual. i mean, it's memphis. weird things just...happen.

par example:  across the street from woo girls hula hooping with leds, there was a group of guys dancing in front of the fire station.

and this is where i saw the most southern kid ever.

he was just sitting by himself being quiet and lost in the action. look at that pose. he is such a little old man. so self contained. that is a southern kid pose. it almost broke my heart? (he reminded me of my little brother.)

anyway, I DIDN'T CRY, OK?! (no, that happens tomorrow. BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, Y'ALL!! GO SEE IT!!)  i didn't cry because i was turned to stone.

ok, not really.

after art walk, we watched the danny boyle injoke. this is not a picture of the opening ceremonies.

nor is this. but, whatever, you have all seen the victorian dance moves and inflatable voldemorts by now.

but did you open a dickens random name generator during them? HA! we did. because we are awesome.

TOMORROW!! MORE OF MEMPHIS!! WE DO EVERYTHING!! EVERYTHING!! it was the best of times, it was the best of times. suck on that, dickens.


laura jean said...

I forgot about that little boy!

r4kk4 said...

i had too until i downloaded my pictures! he was so intense! such an awesome kid.

santos. said...

the danny boyle in-joke! i can't believe they fucking played the jam's "going underground" almost in its entirety!!!!!

r4kk4 said...

YES!!! i kinda want to watch the whole thing all over again!

santos. said...

i need to watch the closing ceremonies again. i feel like danny boyle just had a bunch of cars with mannequins on top standing in for his "wish list" of celebrities, and he didn't really care if any of them accepted, he just had the mannequins on the cars racing around anyway