Tuesday, August 07, 2012

10 states in 7 days -- tennessee ---> washington


it was the real reason why i went to memphis. destructo and bunny have been working on this movie for a while and HOLY SHIT THEATRICAL CUT!!! i die. i am SO LUCKY to have seen this movie! before we continue with the rest of this post, let me give you relevant antenna links: facebook, youtube, imdb.

am i forgetting any links, c and lj? please let me know and i will update.

ANYWAY! you can't watch a doc without donuts. THIS IS A RULE SHUT UP! destructo braved the memphis heat to get us a dozen.

and then, after deciding that this was an euphemism,

(bunny's photo)

we settled in and watched the amazing that is the antenna documentary. that is, obviously, not a picture of it below. ugh. you are so ridiculous.

i can only show you trailers (below is the extended version. WATCH IT!!) 

but OMFG THE MOVIE WAS EVEN BETTER THAN I HAD HOPED!! and i had really high expectations going in. destructo and bunny make awesome films and, just, DAMN!! YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS MOVIE WHEN IT IS RELEASED!!! I WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED!!

because of the doc, i could not stop talking about the antenna or music or just how INCREDIBLE the project is on the way to the airport. which was good because it kept me from being so devastatingly sad.

and trust me, i was devastatingly sad. depressed even! i was all icepo when destructo and bunny drove off.

and then. HAHAHA! then i lost my phone at security because i was still kinda' fucked up from the night before. HAHAHA! DO NOT DO THIS! you will get paranoid REALLY QUICKLY.

thankfully, tsa in memphis is truly, truly sweet and they helped me locate my phone (it was in the stacked bins). THANK YOU, MEMPHIS!

i was dreading the flight(s) home because i was having to FLY TO ATLANTA in order to get back to seattle (THAT IS THE WRONG DIRECTION for those of you who are not familiar with these United States) so UGH SEVEN HOURS ON PLANES AND I AM NOT GOING TO BE IN THE UK AT THE END OF IT! but then HOORAY!! i got bumped to a direct flight in business class.

YOU HAD BETTER BELIEVE THAT I JUMPED RIGHT THE FUCK AT THAT even though it meant sitting at mem for four extra hours. whatever, i had the internet and chotda's congruent road trip to keep me occupied.  (NEXT TIME, lady, we are going to be able to travel together!!)

anyway, i settled down near a power outlet

and chatted. THANK YOU, INTERNET for keeping me company. you guys know who you were and i love you.

the flight was easy. (lovely, polite 14 year old on his first flight. i showed him how to operate vents and lights. we shared mints.)  the shuttle to the gas station not so much. the taxi home even less so. what IS it with the taxis over here?

anyway, it was good to be home even if home is washington state. why? because of leff and the cats. i love those beasties. five lonely beasties we be, but at least we have each other, right? oh, and this incredible chicken dish that leff made. (he also had pizza waiting. he is the greatest.)

and now life is back to normal.

regular posting resumes next monday. until then, i will be working on new drawings and paintings and gearing up for the next trip in the fall. YES IT IS TO THE UK. you all know that i want to live there and this is the best that i can do at the moment. sigh...


santos. said...

do you feel like the whole thing never happened? or if it did it was actually more surreal than i'm letting myself believe?

if we travel together, we're gonna have to film it and hope to hell it's not a horror film.

r4kk4 said...

that is EXACTLY how i feel esp now that i'm back in, ugh, washington.

then again, every trip i take is a bit off kilter. it would be a VERY GOOD IDEA to film any trip we take. (things get crazy weird fast because i hardly ever sleep on vacation. EVEN LESS THAN IRL IF YOU CAN BELIEVE!)