Wednesday, November 14, 2012

rhys leaves and life gets back to boring


moodiness ahead. what, i am HERE in the state that i can't stand and everyone i care about (other than leff and the cats) is THERE. THERE IS NOT HERE. i am wounded in my heartal area because of all of the missing of peoples and things. aw. *pity party dance*

sigh... rhysling is one of those people who is THERE. but for a while he was here with kitty loaf clouseau and it was good.

poor rhys. i keep thinking that our jet lag isn't going to be terrible but HA it is always terrible. the poor guy has gotten used to me just dropping things on the floor. and running into things. and not being able to finish a sentence without falling asleep in the middle of i............

on the third day after we got back though, i was feeling a LITTLE more human so we went to ish

and that new taqueria in downtown b'ton.

that pupusa is DER BOMB.

and i think i voted that day. i'm not really sure WHEN i voted, i just know that i did. FUCK YEAH I DID.

you know, i think the reason rhys puts up with jet lag days is because 1) it's probably really funny 2) i make food that i ate in the uk. this time it was fake nando's

jerk chicken,

sausage rolls

and steak and ale pie.

i would pirate them all pretty high on the delicious scale.

(sorry. that was a terrible pun.)

but, all too soon, rhys was headed to the ferry, to the light rail to the airport. and now he is in the atl. SADS!! and i am left on my own with only my secret british stash to keep me company.


since rhys left, it has gotten pretty damn cold.

i have been eating a lot of grilled cheese.

and i started doing light therapy. because FUCKING HELL IT IS SO DARK AND MISERABLE HERE. ugh.

another bright spot beside the light was getting postcards from jens. he's been on holiday in japan! (i have loved reading about it on plus!) he always sends the best cards

complete with awesome postage.

heart you, jens!!

right, i'm going to get back to plexing british tv shows on youtube to my roku. and also thinking about how that last sentence wouldn't have made any sense to me just five years ago.

yours in mopeitude! see you next monday!

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