Wednesday, November 07, 2012

uk trip, part two, autumn edition --- london, day seven

after all of the previous day's walking, leff decided that perhaps it might be nice to attempt a zone 2 adventure. we deliberated about checking out some deco tube stations before deciding, fuck it, let's just go to highgate cemetery. I AM SO GLAD THAT WE DID!

transport wise, two new things occurred   1) we figured out the branching of the northern line (that would be how we correctly arrived at archway) 2) WE FREAKING TOOK A BUS (it was easy. they take oyster cards. stops are listed on a reader board on the bus itself and there is a prerecorded announcement. everyone waited IN A QUEUE to board, none of this messy scrum stuff we do in the states. real time updates with approx times were also listed on a reader board at the stop. OMG LONDON YOU DO BUSES RIGHT THANK YOU!)

we cut through waterlow park (pictures in a bit) and, haha, guess what! we made it into another movie. (earlier this spring, it was a german film. this time, it seemed to be a british production.)

i would be lion

(waaaah waaaaah! sorry.)

if i told you i was not excited about visiting highgate. i mean, HI IT WAS ALMOST HALLOWEEN WHEN WE WENT THERE also, i love cemeteries. they're usually really quiet. WHAT THEY ARE BECAUSE MOST OF THE PEOPLE THERE ARE DEAD OK

here is a bad picture of the west entrance where lucien freud and michael faraday are buried.

we did not visit that side because you have to book in advance and this was a spur of the moment trip. NEXT TIME

so we went to the east side instead.

oh look! a ginger cemetery cat!!

you know the main draw for the east side, right? yep, karl fucking marx. HI HEY HELLO KARL MARX

i had asked the lady at the entrance booth if it was hard to find marx. she was not kidding when she said "haha no. he has a giant head. you can't miss him."

highgate has a lot of overgrown old tombs. they are beautiful.

there is also a lot of handshaking going on on the east side.


leff and i walked and walked and collected the mud of the dead on our shoes. it was so. quiet.

and creepy. i would not want to be left alone with this stone nun (?) for long.

i would probably be cool with this dog though. maybe i could teach it to do an east cemetery hand shake.

we did have one reason for visiting and that was to see douglas adams. hi hey hello, dougie a!

we brought you a pen!

we did not track down george elliot (mary ann cross on her tomb) because i forgot. we also neglected to find malcolm mclaren but that is because i didn't care. JOHNNY AND SID ARE ALL THAT MATTER TO ME WHEN IT COMES TO THE PISTOLS OK

anyway, here are two pictures from the upper pond

and lower pond

at waterlow park. THAT RED TREE I KNOW! so beautiful. i would like to go back to waterlow when the weather is not so shit.

in the uk, a parked car gathers some moss.

but we didn't because we were starving. so back to our neighborhood for NANDOS YOU ARE NOT SURPRISED

although, it was sad. our loyalty card had expired since our last visit so we lost our two stamps. * sad face *

for dessert i had a foot cookie. IT WAS FUNNY BECAUSE MY FEET REALLY HURT

anyway, restful afternoon before YAY WE GOT TICKETS TO SEE MILTON JONES IN SOHO! he's fantastic, srsly. although, when he asked who in the audience was visiting london from the furthest away, we let the french lady answer. HAHA YOU ONLY CROSSED A CHANNEL LADY I CROSSED A CONTINENT, THREE ISLAND NATIONS AND AN OCEAN

DO check out milton jones though. YOU WILL LAUGH A LOT i did! and it hurt my ribs because they were still bruised from the hell cold coughing three weeks prior to the show. WORTH IT THOUGH BECAUSE YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE LAUGHING IT IS MY FAVORITE



Andrea King said...

I love old cemeteries. It seemed like a lot of gentleman's agreements were going on in this one.

Also mossy cars fill me with glee.

r4kk4 said...

The west side of Highgate is supposed to be even more awesome and overgrown. I can't wait to go back and see that part of it!

HAH Maybe they were FAUSTIAN agreements! >:D

Leff and I died laughing when he found that car! ha!

Chris Evans said...

A surprisingly interesting, beautiful walk in an old cemetery. Thanks for sharing.