Monday, November 05, 2012

uk trip, part two, autumn edition--- london, day five

today's update is going to be really brief because on the fifth day, we rested. and it was good. blisters and bruised ribs and bheadaches, babes. this shit always catches up to me on about the fifth day of travel.)

so buffer day it was! we set out to FINALLY get a slightly better picture of the caryatids at st pancras parish church (kinda' regretting not going on their crypt tour)

before doing one of the nerdiest of all nerdy things. oh yeah, kids. we found the new 221b baker.

it's on gower next to speedy's cafe.

HAHAH WE HAD LUNCH THERE! but, honestly, it was an epiphany? because this is where we found out about cafes. i had coffee

and a SUPERB veggie burger with chips?

and leff had eggs on toast and maybe coffee and, hey, IT WAS UNDER 10 POUNDS AND WHAT THE HELL HOT FOOD so, yeah, we started eating at cafes after this. which, HAH, how did we not know about them before? i dunno. i will blame jet lag.


i'm sure that the lovely people at speedy's have gotten incredibly used to people taking this photo. i'm also pretty sure that the show has been good for business. (they had a "help us make a sherlock sandwich" twitter contest earlier this year.)

did i mention that it was a REALLY GOOD veggie burger? like, i still think about it. i can't figure out how they made it BUT I WILL!

the rest of the day was crazy laid back. i'm pretty sure we watched dave and channel four once it was on air. OH! WE DID LAUNDRY! and then we went drinking because THIS IS WHAT WE DO ON VACATION

leff had found a victorian pub near goodenough college (it is good enough) which, i am sure it would be nice when it is not filled with students but UGH STUDENTS so we downed two pints super quick before heading to a fairly touristy place on euston.

look, i don't care. the clientele was happy. plus they had london pride which, eh, not the greatest but it is easy peasy and slightly casky, yeah? although if there is a beer that is going to make me cause an international incident, it is london pride. I DRANK THIS BEFORE THE OYSTER CARD INCIDENT i have no idea why it brings out my antisocial tendencies but THERE WE ARE STICK IT TO THE MAN BUST SHIT UP I AM DRINKING LONDON PRIDE

we stayed for the whole man u v france (??? I DON'T REALLY KNOW IT WAS FOOTBALL OK) match, getting wicked plastered before deciding IT IS TIME FOR A CURRY, like you do.

so trundle along the back streets of bloomsbury until we find this curry place we had spotted earlier. i was all "i wood lahk uh vindaLOOOOOOO and moar beers, peas" and the guy was all "vindaloo is very hot! are you sure? what part of the uk are you from?" and i thought "the drunk place" but answered "ha yesh BRING VINDALOOO PLEASH! SPICE NICE! also vury phunknee, am meruhkan" and then we looked at pictures on his phone of obama and had to agree that, yes, bamz is getting greyer. "is not easy jorb!" i slurred and we all agreed and the vindaloo showed up and FUCKING HELL SO HOT BUT SO GOOD and then we went back to the hotel and passed out. YAY

TOMORROW! leff and i are silghtly hungover but we walked for five hours anyway. SOUTHBANK ART SHOWS ARE NOT GOING TO SEE THEMSELVES PEOPLE! also, we begin our descent into brutalist hell. VINTAGE PUNK STUFF, BRITISH SKATE BOYS, THE TANKS these are some of the things that are upcoming.

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